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DigiCon Academy is the education subsidiary of Blu Flamingo Digital Africa- a Pan-African digital marketing agency. The academy was borne out of the desire to secure employment for youth.

DigiCon Academy is a digital programs Academy designed to get professionals hired in today’s digital job market, by getting them ready with an understanding of the full digital marketing ecosystem—from Social Media Content Marketing, Search Marketing, to Paid Advertising and Analytics.

Vision: 1,300,000 African Youth Trained in Digital Skills By 2030

Mission: Supporting Digital Transformation Through Skills Training And Education.



Joan Generous Isa Asaba
Joan Generous Isa Asaba
With verbal and written communication skills, Joan has strong client service and account management skills. She is innovative, and a strong team player, that creates strategies and manage online campaigns.
Birungi Grace
Birungi Grace
Grace is a social media executive with social media marketing, blogging, and content curation skills.
Lutalo Jonathan
Lutalo Jonathan
Lutalo Jonathan is has set up and implemented social media and communication campaigns for organisations to align with their marketing strategies. His powerful skills are photography and videography, graphics design, content creation and copywriting.
Busingye Manjeri
Busingye Manjeri
Busingye Manjeri runs her own business and also does part time accounting work. Her skills are ledger reconciliation, data analysis, social media management, communication, interpersonal relations, and managerial skills.


In order to address the challenge of the skill gap among industry professionals, we have;




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